About Us

Certifinder® provides a full suite of employment selection and screening solutions that are delivered by a dedicated team of people that understand your industry and care about your business. All of our solutions are industry specific, best in class and available in the United States and major employment centers across the globe

The Partner of Choice

Our primary role as your partner is to help you succeed. It's that simple. Whether we are screening hundreds of candidates for your new location, finding faster ways to get your criminal search results or helping you verify a candidate's previous employment in Beijing China, we do whatever it takes to get the job done. No excuses.

Experience Matters
The Certifinder team has extensive experience in the employee selection and screening industry. Prior to starting Certifinder, the management team was instrumental in building one of the largest background screening firms in the United States. This experience combined with Certifinder's industry-leading technology platform enables us to deliver exceptional service while maintaining the highest standards for accuracy and legal compliance.

A New Approach
Our past experiences have taught us many things including the fact that most screening firms today are similar and that many employers are seeking a new approach. At Certifinder, we are reshaping the industry by bringing together modern, personalized solutions that leverage advanced technology and global capabilities but never lose sight of our primary mission – helping our clients succeed.

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Certifinder is prepared to serve as your trusted background screening partner in the modern era. Please take 15 minutes to experience a new approach to employee selection and screening.