Applicant Review

The Applicant Review® is a fully validated, pre-hire integrity assessment. It quickly identifies job applicants who are dishonest and at a higher risk for stealing from your organization. The Applicant Review provides valuable information about job applicants that can be used in conjunction with interviews and Background Checks to help you make successful hiring decisions. The
results from the Applicant Review are easy to understand and provide consistent, job-related information that meets federal anti-discrimination guidelines.


Why Do Organizations Use The Applicant Review?
Most managers have hired individuals who interviewed well and seemed to have the necessary qualifications only to learn later that these “seemingly” qualified candidates were problem employees. The cost of making a poor hiring decision is greater than ever. The Applicant Review is designed to pre-screen applicants who pose the highest risk for:
What is the process for using the Applicant Review?
Using the Applicant Review is very straightforward and requires just three easy steps:
Validation & Available Versions
The Applicant Review provides valid, accurate and reliable data which meets the guidelines of the EEOC / ADA in the United States and Canadian Human Rights legislation in Canada. For more information on validation for the Applicant Review, please visit the Validation page. For information on the authors of the Applicant Review, please visit the Advisory Board page.

The Applicant Review is currently available in the following versions:
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