Certifinder® has set the standard for public record research with Certifinder AQ.

Certifinder's proprietary data processing platform connects its worldwide network of court systems, public record agencies, data partners and researchers together using the very latest in supply chain automation technologies.aq-graphic-web

Key AQ Advantages:

Accurate Information
With AQ, the manual steps commonly used by other screening firms to process requests are eliminated resulting in a much higher level of accuracy. Additionally, AQ tracks the completeness and accuracy of every search and information source to determine which source to use for a specific request.

FCRA / Privacy Compliance
All Certifinder reports and procedures are fully compliant with applicable law. To ensure compliance, Certifinder worked with a leading employment and labor law firm to develop industry-leading standards regarding FCRA compliance and data privacy that are built into the AQ platform.

Faster Results
Certifinder can deliver faster results due to our fully optimized supply chain. With AQ, every request is analyzed by the system and then routed directly to the right resource at the right time based on several key variables. AQ also provides all of our partners in the network with immediate visibility into any issues that might negatively impact turnaround times.

Lower Costs
Certifinder has worked closely with all of the major court systems, public record agencies and our data partners and researchers for many years. These trusted relationships along with the transparency and automation that comes with using the AQ platform allow everyone in the network to offer their best pricing at all times without compromising quality of service. This results in lower costs for our customers.