Credit History

Credit History helps employers make informed hiring decisions by providing objective and factual credit information. Credit History provides detailed credit and trade line information that would not normally appear on an application and is intended for prospective and existing employees whose responsibilities may include cash handling, asset management, property management or other duties where a company’s assets or security are at stake. Credit History will not provide credit scores for the applicant. To order Credit History, an on-site inspection of your office is required to ensure privacy and security protocols are in place.

Should I use Credit History on every applicant?
No. Employers should use Credit History for positions that have monetary responsibility and have policies and procedures in place to ensure that the use of credit information is both relevant and fair. In addition, several states including Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Maryland, Connecticut, California, Vermont and most recently Colorado have restrictions on the use of credit reports for pre-employment screening.

What information is included on Credit History?
Credit History contains four types of information: (1) identifying data such as name, social security number and addresses; (2) payment performance and credit terms; (3) vendor information on who has requested their credit report, and (4) public records such as judgments, liens and bankruptcies.

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