Criminal Records

Conducting Criminal Record searches helps you meet “due diligence” legal requirements by verifying and weighing the risks of the backgrounds of those whom you hire. Certifinder conducts criminal record searches for felony convictions in every county jurisdiction in the United States. Records are searched for misdemeanor convictions where available. We also offer criminal record searches for many international locations. Reports include all convictions found for an applicant in the requested areas.

Certifinder also offers additional criminal record searches that address specific security and safety requirements.
How do you know in which counties to search?
Most customers use the employment application or resume and the
Identity Verification product to determine which counties, states and International locations should be searched for criminal records.

Why do I need to search at the county level?
Criminal Records at the county level within the United States are typically the most current records available and should always be searched in connection with a background check for employment purposes. Many customers also use the
National Criminal Search to provide additional protection against potential records in other jurisdictions not disclosed by the applicant.

On which applicants should I conduct a criminal search?
Criminal background checks are typically conducted for every position to protect against claims of negligent hiring.

What should I do if a search returns results of a conviction?
Your company should have a policy and procedure in place for handling criminal record information.

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