Customer Service

We’re Here
Our primary focus is to be available to assist you. You can call and talk to us about any issue or item. We won’t send you through a phone maze or transfer you multiple times only to disconnect the call. We’ll make every attempt to deliver on our promises and exceed your expectations.

We Listen

Most organizations try to dictate the products and services they offer to their customers. We choose to take a different approach. We will listen to your concerns or challenges and work to provide solutions that meet your unique needs. If our attempts still don’t match your requirements, we’ll take the necessary steps to modify or refine the solution. If we are unable to measure up, we will help you find another solution.

We Give Answers, Not Excuses
Our goal is to minimize your frustrations, make your work more efficient and provide answers to your questions. From our personalized account setup to ongoing processing, we will help you reduce the time and cost associated with employment selection and screening. We understand that our products and services are time sensitive and demand quality information that is easy to understand. We’ll make every effort to keep you informed of the status of every order and deliver results that will assist in your decision-making.

We’ll Work Together

Our central objective is to help you succeed. No excuses. Much of an organization’s performance is tied to the quality of their employees. We will work with you to identify and hire the best job applicants. Together, we will enhance your hiring processes to meet this objective.

We Appreciate You

We care about you and appreciate the opportunity to work together. We will solicit your feedback and will listen to your ideas and recommendations to improve our services and performance.