ID Verification

ID Verification from Certifinder quickly verifies personal identifying information provided by the applicant such as name, current address, Social Security Number, telephone number and previous addresses or aliases. ID Verification establishes a person’s unique identity and ensures the applicant represents him or herself truthfully. This information also helps determine the scope of the criminal record search by automatically matching the applicant’s current and previous addresses with the appropriate counties and court jurisdictions.

On which positions should I request the ID Verification?
ID Verification should be used as a part of the screening process for every position being filled.

Why is it important to know which counties an applicant has lived in?
Criminal records are located in more than 3,100 county courthouses in the United States and those records are not shared. To conduct the most comprehensive
Criminal Records Search in a timely and cost effective manner, you must first identify the counties in which the applicant has worked or lived and then search those records.

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