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More Shoplifters and Dishonest Employees Are Stealing Profits From U.S. Retailers

Smart Hiring for Hourly Employers: New Version of Applicant Review Reduces Risk of Employee Theft and Dishonesty

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certifinder-icon-3 Update on Criminal Background Checks: Impact of EEOC v. Freeman and Ongoing Challenges in a Continuously Changing Legal Environment
certifinder-icon-3 Louisiana Employers Are Restricted in Their Ability to Consider Certain Criminal Records for Employment Purposes
certifinder-icon-3 Private Sector Employers in the District of Columbia Will Soon Be Required to Comply with a New Law Restricting Their Ability to Rely on Criminal Records for Employment Purposes
certifinder-icon-3 Background Checks: What Employers Need to Know
certifinder-icon-3 Workplace Privacy 2014: What’s New and What Employers May Expect
certifinder-icon-3 Weathering the Sea Change in Fair Credit Reporting Act Litigation in 2014
certifinder-icon-3 Death of the Box: Why the Criminal History Question on Job Applications Is Heading Towards Extinction
certifinder-icon-3 New California Laws Restrict the Discretion Employers Have to Inquire Into and Use Criminal Record Information
certifinder-icon-3 Two New EEOC Criminal Record Lawsuits Underscore Important Strategic and Practical Considerations for Employers Conducting Background Checks
certifinder-icon-3 Employers must update FCRA notices for their background check programs before January 1, 2013
certifinder-icon-3 New obligations for Massachusetts employers conducting background checks involving criminal records
certifinder-icon-3 Certifinder continues expansion of global selection and screening solutions to all of the major employment centers


Crossroads Conference

September 22-13, 2015
Ogden, Utah