Certifinder Web App

The Certifinder Web App is a secure, web-based employee selection and screening platform developed by Certifinder that provides our customers with timely and accurate information accessible via the Internet. The Certifinder Web App allows one or multiple users at any location within your organization to submit requests or simply review the status of orders as well as completed reports.

Features of the Certifinder Web App include:


With the Certifinder Web App, you can streamline your employee selection and screening by automating manual processes and reducing paperwork in a fully secure environment that is on-demand and available anywhere you have Internet access.

Developed by Certifinder
The Certifinder Web App was developed by our own in-house team of software engineers and is available only for our clients. It is not a licensed software product from one of the many companies selling pre-packaged solutions to generic background screening firms. Our development team has more than 15 years of experience building state-of-the-art applications for pre-employment screening and this in-house capability allows us to configure a solution that exactly meets your needs.

Applicant Self Service
With our integrated applicant self service capability, users can direct candidates to go online and enter their own personal information in a secure, web-based environment that fully integrated with the Certifinder Web App. Applicants can also electronically sign consent and release forms using our e-signature technology, attach copies of required documents, or take a pre-hire assessment. The applicant self service capability is configured to meet your company's requirements and the step-by-step wizard ensures that applicants provide all the information needed. Moreover, the data is secure and all services are available in a single order and reporting platform.

Seamless Integration
If you currently use a Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Vendor Management System (VMS), Certifinder's built in Web Services capabilities make it simple for the all of the applications to integrate into a cohesive selection and screening solution.